Percolator Vs. Drip Coffee Maker. The Good Brewer For Your Morning Java?

percolator-vs-drip-coffee-makerThere is a debate for years about the best coffee brewer between Percolator vs. drip coffee maker. Though both coffee maker is similar to its work, there are some differences in cycling the making process, which create a variety of taste.

Percolator is an old version of the drip coffee maker. Both works with steam fly up through the tube and drip the grounded coffee. In this way, you found the best cup of joe. It is said that a percolator coffee maker gives more strong coffee and drips coffee maker is easy to apply.  

Now, if you want to buy percolator or drip machine, it is necessary to know the real difference between these coffee brewers. 


Some Prominent Comparison of Percolator vs. Drip Coffee Maker

At first, we present a short comparison chart about Percolator vs. Drip Coffee Maker on which you can get an overall idea about these coffee machines.


Percolator Coffee Maker

Drip Coffee Maker

Steam UpCycle

Several times of steaming.

Only one-time boil. 

Types Of The Machine

Both stove-top and electric.


                                                                          Used Coffee Ground

Coarsely grounded

Finely Grounded

Taste Of The Made Coffee

Strong and bold.


The Coffee In The Cup

It contains a little sediment and oils.

Clean coffee.


More About Percolator And Drip Coffee Maker

Now read more basic information about Percolator vs. drip coffee maker. It will be beneficial for you to choose the right coffee machine.


Percolator Is An Old Famous Machine

Percolator is the former version of the latest coffee maker. U.S. people loved to brew coffee in it. The word percolator meaning is “filtering.” The Percolator works through the filtering process, and the repeating steam offers a perfect coffee. Some coffee lover loves coffee from Percolator for its strong taste and aroma. There are two types of Percolator. One is old fashioned stove-top Percolator, and the other is a modern electric Percolator.


Percolator Works Through Repeated Filtering

Percolator makes coffee by steaming and filtering. Percolator coffee pot consists of a bottom chamber, a perforated chamber, a vertical tube, and a spreader. The ground coffee is placed into the perforated basket. The bottom chamber is full of water and a tube linked through the upper, perforated chamber and the bottom water chamber. 

In the modern version, there are ground coffee filter rings that make perfect vaporization for brewing coffee. The water blows up through the tube to the lid and spread over the coffee. The freshly brewed coffee grounds with liquid drops to the bottom chamber. This process repeats several times and makes a brewed coffee. 

The old stove-top Percolator requires to control the hit, but the modern Percolator has timing tools that help to stop brewing after a particular time. There is a percolator bong in some machine that has sub-chambers in the bong. This filter helps to provide a clean hit to the lungs and throat. 


Drip Coffee Maker Is Automatic 

Drip coffee maker is called the modern version of French Press or percolator coffee maker. It uses the water boiling process for making coffee. Its an automatic coffee machine that works without hassle. Where Percolator works through the repeating steaming method, the drip machine makes coffee with boiling water once.


Drip Coffee Maker Works Through boiling water

There is no specific difference between a drip maker and a percolator. Unlike Percolator, the drip maker has a bottom chamber where the water gets to boil. The steam of boiling goes up through a tube and spread over the grounded coffee chamber. The filter allows us to drip coffee through the funnel, and the coffee is ready. There is a drip coffee maker ratio, where you can pour measured coffee and water. There is a drip coffee maker with a grinder also that grinds the coffee according to the drip machine use. 


Details comparison between Percolator vs. Drip Machine 

We have research more on Percolator and drip coffee, e machine. Here presented the details comparison about the two-coffee brewer.


Percolator Needs Coarse Ground Where Drip Needs Fine

Though Percolator uses the vaporization process, it uses coarsely grounded medium roasted coffee beans. The repeated vaporization through filtering soaks the aroma and taste more. If you use dark roast finely ground coffee, the steaming can emit its bitterness. 

On the other hand, because of the automated boiling process, you can get good coffee by using finely ground coffee in the drip maker. Drip maker also boils the ground once, so there is no issue of the bitterness of coffee.


Percolator Makes bold Coffee and Drip makes mild

Percolator steams the coffee ground for several times. You can’t boil the water here. That’s why the steaming takes out the intense flavors and taste of the coffee. You must maintain the timing of vaporization; otherwise, the coffee gets much bold.

Drip coffee maker uses boiling water for vaporization. It uses finely ground coffee, which makes smooth and mild taste.


Percolator Is Sensitive, And Drip Is Automated

Using a Percolator is a careful task. It allows the repetition of the steaming process. So, you need to attentive about the time. Because less or more steaming time can destroy the taste of your joe. There are some modern electrical percolators in the market which have the facility of setting the timer for steaming. 

On the contrary, the drip maker is automated with a timer that gives you a perfect coffee only set the time and plugged on power.


Percolator for Big batch and Drip For Home

Percolator is used for a huge amount of coffee making. There are several sizes of Percolator for several uses. When we take coffee from any shopping mall or cinema hall, the maker is our Percolator. 

Drip coffee maker able to make coffee up to 12 cups or some more so it is ideal for home or personal office uses.


Which Coffee Maker Will You Pic? Percolator Or Drip 

If you like to sip a strongly flavored java than you can purchase percolator coffee maker. Its price is affordable, and you can buy different categories Percolator from the market. On the other hand, you can pic a drip coffee maker for your home for easy and quick use. There is a little difference in the price of drip-maker from Percolator. 


At the end of the article, we hope we can satisfy you with your hesitation on Percolator vs. drip coffee maker. Both are the coffee maker will give you the best quality coffee for a drink. Only there is some difference in taste and flavor on which you will choose your machine.