Is It Possible To Make Espresso in a French Press

7Do you want to drink Espresso, but unfortunately, don’t have an espresso machine? Indeed Espresso is the most favorite coffee of many people. The aroma of Espresso is so addictive that you can’t hold yourself from having it every day. You have to go to the shop and buy it to drink. 


There is a secret tool for you if you don’t have an espresso machine – a French Press. With the right process of making Espresso in the French Press, you can brew the perfect Espresso. In this article, we will show you how you can make Espresso in a french press. 


What is the reason to choose a French Press for making Espresso?

As you may know, the French Press allows you to brew a good cup of coffee. That’s why almost everyone loves french Press. On top of that, you will find this machine at a cheaper price from other brewing coffee machines. French Press is also easy to use, and you can make Espresso in it. French Press is easily available in any major shop, and they’re cheaper from other machines. 


The best part is french can give high-quality coffee drinks if you can use the right process. They also come in various sizes, so it is ideal for coffee drinkers. You won’t have to use too many coffee beans to make coffee in it. Also, unlike other coffee machines, you don’t have to throw cold liquid. So now you understand why you should pick French press methods. 


How to buy the best French Press?

You will find two types of french Press in the market: stainless steel and glass brewers. Stainless steel presses keep the heat of coffee better and don’t crack easily. This Press usually doesn’t allow you to see from outside. Glass brewers allow you to see inside while making coffee as the glass is transparent. And its strong protective shields enclosing the glass helps avoid breaking presses. It’s better to choose a good quality french press rather than changing your coffee maker every 5 to 6 months.


The regular size of the press pot is 4 and 8 cups. French Press has four different size options to choose: small, large, metal, electric. Now for making Espresso, you can use any type of french press model. Just make sure the Press has its strainer attached with the plunger. It will help you to filter a fine and smooth drink of coffee. Also, choose the ideal size of french Press for you.


Is French Press espresso different from the regular Espresso?

Did you know Espresso is not made with any specific coffee bean? It is a blend of two or more coffee variants tightly packed together as hot water is pressed through it. In short, Espresso is a special coffee-making process and not a type of coffee bean. The espresso process makes the liquid taste like an almost syrupy beverage. So, it seems you can’t make traditional Espresso in a French Press. But the taste of Espresso that you get french Press won’t be bad. The liquid of Espresso will come out strong and smooth. Even you will get the perfect Espresso coffee color. So it is not a bad idea at all to make Espresso in a French Press. 


Let’s Make Espresso in a French Press

Espresso is not like normal coffee; it has slight differences from regular coffee. Espresso is usually made by pressuring streams on ground coffee. To make Espresso, it’s important to get the right temperature of hot water.


Items you need

First, you need a French Press. Second, the main ingredient of coffee, coffee beans named “Espresso.” A coffee grinder, a tool to measure, a spoon or whisk to stir. That’s what you need to make Espresso in a French Press. 


Brewing Process

1) Boil The Water

Take a pan and pour the water into it. Turn on your stove and now place the pan to boil the water. Make sure you boil the water around 200F temperature. If you don’t have any equipment to check the temperature, don’t take any stress. Let the water cool for a few seconds after the first boil. 


2) Heat the glass french press

Glasses generally can’t take sudden high temperatures, they crack. So, to avoid this from happening, you have to preheat the glass. Pour some warm water, keep it for a few minutes, throw away the water. 


3) Grind The Coffee Beans

You have to grind the coffee beans perfectly. As coffee beans are the main ingredient, it needs to be perfectly ground. When particles mix with the water, you will get the amusing extract from the liquid. Remember, too coarse beans will make coffee weak. And too fine beans will be stuck on the filter.


4) Add the right amount coffee beans

Now you have to measure the coffee beans and put it in the French Press. You need 20gm beans per cup to make Espresso. So take the correct amount for every cup. If you use normal beans, then double the measure of beans as the regular cup of coffee. 


5) Coffee Bloom

Now pour some hot water in the french Press and stir it in the circular motion. Wait for 30 to 40 seconds to let the aroma and oil of beans spread on the liquid. No need to wait too long to go to the next step, or else your coffee will turn out bitter. Now pour the water that has left in the pan.


6) Let the Coffee Steep and Brew

Stir the liquid unless you want the coffee ground sticks together. Now place the filter by making sure that it is above the ground and water. Let the espresso brew at least for four to five minutes; set your timer. But if you want a strong brew, you can leave it for a few minutes more.  


7) Filter and Serve

After waiting for five minutes, push the filter down below. It is high time to serve your coffee in a beautiful cup and drink it. If possible, get some snacks with it and enjoy it!


Final thoughts

So this is how it’s easy to make Espresso in a french press. You do not need any too many things to make Espresso in French Press. You just need the right tool, accurate measurement and few techniques to brew the liquid. If you get the process right while making Espresso, you can get the real taste of Espresso. We really hope you find this how to make Espresso in a french press article helpful for you. 


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