How to make a Perfect Coffee


Each morning starts with a cup of coffee that makes our day. A perfect startup will bring perfect results in our works. So, I am looking here to get the tips on perfect coffee making! I don’t want to ruin my day and it’s better to get prepared for the long day. So, come on I share my knowledge with you to make your day, too!


Is it really that much tough? Just put some coffee in the coffee maker and just boiling should od the trick, isn’t it?

No, it’s not that easy. You should come up with some basic knowledge to make your first cup of coffee. It’s not only the matter of having a coffee maker and have your perfect cup of coffee! 


From my knowledge, I will tell you that you will always not require a coffee maker. Sometimes, some well-roasted coffee beans, a grinder, and boiled water can minimize the hassle too! Come on, let’s have a walkthrough. 


Why you need freshly roasted coffee beans?

The main ingredient is coffee beans. Just think you have a month old damp coffee beans that are not properly roasted and not preserved well, and now you are trying to make coffee with it. It will be a full waste of time and effort. 


So, we need freshly roasted coffee that is well preserved. The perfect coffee comes from the roasted beans from the last two weeks. It has the aroma and taste that will amaze you. After proper roasting, use an air-tight jar to preserve it. It will give the same taste for long. 


Let’s keep one thing straight, we need fresh coffee to get it done. So, going after brands will not do the job. You can roast and preserve your beans, if not; get the best brands from the nearest shop. Wherever you are, at the home, office, traveling, or camping you will get your perfect cup of coffee. 


You need a Coffee Grinder

It may sound funny to have good coffee with a coffee grinder. The trick is hidden there. I have always noticed that a well-roasted coffee can be a good ingredient for you. But, it requires to be grinded well. So, you don’t need to take the hassle for so much. 


If you are not up to heading a mad day ahead, you need to plan for your coffee in the morning. Does it sound rude? It might be. But, a good cup of coffee will make your mind fresh and get you ready for the whole day’s performance. So, it’s important. 


Tea and coffee are the most renowned beverage for people. In both Western and European countries. But in 1789, the first Coffee grinder was patented by Richard Dearman. He was the man who understood the necessity of a coffee grinder for proper taste. Then gradually people started to use it. 


A common grinder or a burr grinder will make the perfect coffee for you, so why not pack yours? Only a few bucks will do the job. 


You need Boiled Water

The most common ingredient you will need is a mug of boiled water. Just keep in mind, you need to boil the water between 195 and 205°F that will produce the best coffee for you. For the best taste and aroma, you will need the proper preparation. 


But how you will know, the perfect temperature is there? Using a thermometer? Is not that funny?

Just boil the water and keep it boiling for 30 seconds, it will do the trick as well. You can use any kind of pot but a kettle with handle will be the perfect match. 

Brew Coffee without a Coffee Maker

Brewing coffee without a coffee maker is not that much tough. You will just need to know the conceptual thing on how to do it. If you come up with a filter than you can do it with a Pour-Over. But, if you are lacking a filter then a French press will do the rest. Come on, let me show you the methods. 


Brew coffee with Pour-Over

When you are up to making coffee with a pour-over then place the filter on the coffee cup and ensure its properly cleaned and easy to carry. You can use paper filters, as those are cheap and then follow the steps:

  • Clean the filter with hot water
  • Bring one spoon coffee for each cup of coffee
  • Grind then well, the powder will be like sands
  • Wet the powder for 30 second
  • Then pour the rest of the water for 30 second
  • Using the rest of the water in 3-4 installments gradually

You will get the perfect coffee but on-test you can check the flavor. If it tastes bitter, then add more coffee, and if it’s sour, then give less coffee. 


Brewing with French Press

When you are lacking a filter, nothing to worry you can use your french press to make it easier. 

  • Take one spoon of coffee for each cup of coffee you need
  • Grind coffee and they will become like sea salts
  • Wet them for 30 seconds
  • Put the rest of the water
  • Keep it as it is for 4 minutes
  • Coffee is ready

You need to pour the coffee slowly and drink the coffee. Leave the grounds as it is. Keeping the rest as it is the trick. 


From now on you will not need to worry about coffee brewing. You know the tricks and can get the best. Enjoy the taste of coffee and start your day with good spirits. 

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