How many types of Coffee are there?

We all love to have a cup of smoking hot or iced coffee at our favorite coffee shop. It has become a crucial part of our daily life. There are different cultures and rituals connected to this popular beverage. It’s a drink which can refresh you in the morning or evening. 

The variation of coffee ranges from hundreds to thousands. You might be thinking about how many types of coffee there are? You won’t get confused because we are making it easy for you by presenting the best variety of available coffee. You surely want to know the difference between different coffee. We are going to uncover the core of your favorite morning drink.


Types of Coffee Beans 

Arabica and Robusta are the two common types of coffee we find around. These are the most common coffee that you will get in the U.S market. There are some apparent differences between these two variants. We are going to discuss each and every type with you. 



This version of coffee was found in Yemen. It is also known as Arabian Coffee. It is the primary species of coffee that was cultivated. Most of the coffee lover prefers to consume this coffee beans because of its soothing taste. Generally, its mostly used as a black coffee. Another sweeter and mixed flavor is also available, which you can drink directly without any additive. The amount of caffeine in this coffee is less than Robusta. 



Robusta is originated in western sub-Saharan Africa but mostly grown in Vietnam. This coffee bean is commonly used in instant coffee, espresso, and as a filler in coffee blends. It has a  bitter flavor with more potent caffeine but a cheaper price tag. Robusta beans will highly refresh your mood while you are starting the day. The amount of caffeine will keep you sharp and active for a long time. 

Different Coffee Drinks

These small-sized coffee beans of different varieties will serve you various levels of punch and stability. There are many sorts of coffee drinks available at the market and coffee shops. We are discussing the most popular based on the amount of global consumption. 



Black coffee is the most commonly used coffee drink. You can easily make it at home or get it at a coffee shop. You just have to steep the coffee beans in hot water to serve it warm. There are many health benefits of black coffee due to having a high number of antioxidants and nutrients.  



Cappuccino is the most popular among all the coffee variations available out there. It is the most available coffee which is found in coffee shops to the highly-rated restaurants. It produces a fantastic fragrance and blends in with the milk, creating a beautiful texture. The top layer of the coffee is amazingly satisfying that it drives you closer to get a cup of cappuccino once again.



Espresso is another famous, healthy, and dark coffee. It is used as a filler for other coffee drinks such as lattes and macchiatos. With a proper mixture of steamed milk with roasted coffee beans, you will get a rich, creamy, and deep flavor.


Café Latte

Latte is a different version of expresso. It is made of some extra added milk and whipped cream. The top layer adds an extra texture, which increases the quality of the coffee. You can get this coffee with some added flavor or with a different spiced shot. 


Americano is the lighter version of the well-known coffee espresso. Take a cup of hot water and add one espresso shot to get your smoking cup of americano. It’s fine to add some sugar or whipped cream to enhance your taste bud. It has a similarity with the black coffee.


Café Mocha

Mocha is the best option for chocolate lovers because it’s a coffee drink dipped with chocolate syrup. To make this premium chocolaty flavored coffee, you need two espresso shots with two steamed milk and one part of chocolate syrup. You can use chocolate powder as an alternative to chocolate syrup.



Affogato is a coffee-based dessert which is originated from Italy. In this coffee, you will get both ice cream and coffee. Mix a scoop of vanilla and an espresso shot on top to get this delicate ‘iced’ coffee. It is also served over dessert items such as brownie. 



Doppio is a commonly used coffee type nowadays. It is called a standard double. It’s a different variant of espresso where you need two shots of espresso by extracting it with a double coffee filter.


Café macchiato

Café macchiato is a combined balance of cappuccino and doppio. It is also called espresso macchiato, which is made by a small amount of milk-foam but the highest expresso ratio. 



Ristretto is a small shot of highly concentrated espresso coffee. You have to use less hot water to remove the bitter taste of espresso and get the sweeter flavor.  



Cortado is all about balancing the coffee with warm steamed milk. It needs a flawless balance of espresso and the milk to minimize the bitterness of expresso.


Flat White 

The flat white style of coffee is originated from Australia. Simply get a cappuccino, and steamed milk without the top layer of foam or chocolate sprinkles to make a flat white.  


Turkish Coffee

The famous Turkish coffee is originated from Turkey and some parts of Middle East Asia. To make a perfect Turkish coffee, you need smoothly grounded coffee beans and put it in boiling water. You will finally get a thick, dense foam on top of the coffee. You have to add some sweetener in the coffee.  


Café Au Lait 

Café Au Lait is another type of espresso which is invented from a popular French variant. It’s the best option for those who want a bit more flavor. You just need to add a splash of warm milk in the coffee to get a cup of Café Au Lait. 



Irish coffee is a combination or cocktail of hot coffee and Irish whiskey. To add some extra flavor, you need to add sugar, stirred, and some ice-cream as a topping. 


Iced Coffee

Cool Iced coffee is a refreshing beverage and a weather demand in the summertime. You may like this version of chilled coffee all the time, whether it is winter or summer.  We are unfolding some iced coffee that you may like. 

Iced coffee is simply made with some crushed ice, a shot of milk, and cream or sweetener. You will get both the caffeine with a cool sensation.


Iced Espresso

Similar to Iced coffee, Iced espresso requires a shot of milk and cream or sweetener. Other variants such as americanos, mochas, macchiatos, lattes, and flat whites are available on this format where you need to mix it with crushed ice. 


Cold Brew

Cold-brew is a simple made from grounded coffee and cold water which is kept in the fridge overnight. The next day you will get a concentrated drink after straining the mixture ready to be served. This type of coffee can be preserved for at least two weeks. 



Frappuccino is a very popular kind of coffee that is a trademarked product of Starbucks. Frappuccino is made of blended ice with cream-based coffee, whipped cream topping, and flavored syrup. 



We have mentioned some best coffee drinks between thousands of options. If coffee is your favorite drink and you can’t live without it, you can try out the variants mentioned in this article.   

You must remind that high quality roasted coffee ensures better taste with more exceptional texture. Use pure water to prepare the coffee so that the blend gets adequately mixed. Steer and blend the mixture to spread the feeling equally. You will get a satisfying cup of coffee of your choice if you can follow these instructions.