Cold Brew vs. Iced Coffee: Which 1 Is Better for refreshment


When the luring aroma of chocolatey cold brew and iced coffee tickle on your nostril and you have to pick one, you are such in a dilemma. Though both coffees are tasty and rich, the sweetened level and smoothness can vary for their preparation process.


Cold-brew tea prepared by steeping the ground coffee bean with cold water for twelve to sixteen hours. It can be served chilled or hot. Iced coffee is prepared as the regular coffee recipe adding ice or cold milk and cream. There is no other beat then these refreshing drinks to fulfill your thrust.

Though both coffees are cold and served with ice, you should know the essential features and exciting issues about cold brew vs. iced coffee on which you can sip your favorite one.


Comparative features of Cold Br  Vs. Iced Coffee


Cold-brew and iced coffee both are yummy and creamy to taste. We have researched a lot about these two types of coffee and present the relevant features of cold brew vs. iced coffee.


Cold Brew

Iced Coffee
Smooth, A little sweet. Balanced drinks, A little bitter.
Preparing Method
Soak with water for 12 to 20 hours before serve. Make with hot water before serve.
Drinking Condition
Hot or cold with ice. Drink with ice.
Calorie Fact
Two calories for 100 ml. 0 calorie for 100 ml.
The concentrate can be stored in the refrigerator. The prepared coffee can be iced in cubes.
Comparatively high.

It is varied from different recipes.


More Details About Cold Brew Vs. Iced Coffee

Around July, when you are thinking of switch to the cold coffee, you need to know more details about cold brew vs. iced coffee. It can be homemade or ordered from any coffeeshop.


Cold Brew Is Raw, And Iced Coffee Is Heated.

Making a delicious cold brew coffee is a little time taking task. You may have to begin the process from the previous day. The grounded coffee is mixed with cold water for 12 to 16 hours or overnight (The cold brew Starbucks is steeped for 20 hours). As a result, the cold brew concentrate(the strong liquid) will ready with all its color, flavor, and caffeine. You can sip it by adding ice or milk or cream. You can drink it hot too.


Iced coffee is easy and simple to make. Mix the grounded coffee to the hot water and make ice cube of that coffee. Fill a glass with the coffee ice and pour more liquid coffee and milk or half-and-half. Add sugar syrup or condensed milk for sweetening (The iced coffee Starbucks use freshly brewed coffee to their iced coffee).


Cold Brew Is Smooth And Iced Coffee Is A Bit Sour

The cold brew is soaked for a long time; that’s why the bitter compounds of the coffee ground release. It adds a natural sweet taste to the coffee. Cold-brew is smooth, more aromatic of chocolaty flavor, and tasty. Some find less teste of real coffee in the Cold brew because of melting ice. An iced coffee maker is a simple coffee fusion with ice and cream. The coffee is made with hot water, that’s why a natural sour taste can be felt. It tastes like caramel and cola. It’s a well-balanced drink.

Calories Vs. 0 Calorie For 100 ml Coffe

Drinking cold brew is like taking a little calorie. Each 100 ml cold brew contains two calories without fat and protein. So, if you have any calorie issue, it will be wise not to taste the coffee every day. Iced coffee has no calories and fat. There will be no health issue to drink iced coffee daily. But the added sugar and milk can add extra calories to them. 


Health benefits

The long time steeping of coffee ground adds more caffeine to the cold brew, which will boost your metabolism by up to 11%.  It is less acidic and easily digests to the stomach. The added magnesium,anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory agents reduce the risk of heart disease.


On the other hand, iced coffee is more acidic then cold brew. This coffee is made with hot water; that’s why the acidic level is more than cold brew. It has less amount of anti-oxidant. But iced coffee brands help to reduce heart disease also.


Two Mouthwatering Recipes

Here we share two delicious and tasty recipes for a cold brew and iced coffee.  Both are easy to prepare at home and flavorsome too. You can practice them to sip a sweet taste.


Cold Brew Coffee Recipe:

  1. Ground your favorite coffee bean of one ounce in a French press.
  2. Soak them into one cup of water for at least 12 hours and strain them. You will find the concentrate.
  3. Dilute the concentrate as your taste. You can add half a cup of water for half a cup of liquid.
  4. pour the liquid into a glass
  5. Add ice, sugar, cream, and milk for better taste. Now enjoy your cold brew coffee recipe.


Iced Coffee Recipe:

  1. Ground your coffee bean and make one cup coffee
  2. Make ice cubes of the coffee.
  3. Pour the ice cubes into a glass or an ice coffee cup.
  4. Prepare one cup of coffee again and pour them on the ices.
  5. Add sugar, milk, or half-and-half and cream. It’s done. You can use an iced coffee maker for making perfect tasty coffee.


Which Coffee Will I Taste, Cold Brew, Or Iced Coffee?

Cold-brew and iced coffee both are cold categories coffee of appetizing taste. Because of coldness, it posses’ lees acid than the hot coffee. But it possesses less anti-oxidant too. If you like the more smooth chocolaty taste, you can drink cold brew. On the contrary, if you are a real coffee flavor lover, then the iced coffee will be the best choice for you.


Final Thoughts:

Now we hope you are quite sure about your choice on Cold brew vs. iced coffee. Both drinks are creamy and flavorsome to taste. During the hot summer, there are no other drinks that are so refreshing than cold coffee. Moreover, you can store the concentrate or coffee ice in the refrigerator for tomorrow. 


Your summer morning will be a fresh start, and all of your anxieties will evaporate with a glassful of cold brew or iced coffee. Have a good day with your cold, creamy morning java.